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Like many people say; knowledge is power.

Picking up a book can increase your brain power.

whether It is digital; paperback; or audio the juices still flow...

With that being said I've shared with some of my close friends

I am in the process of writing a book. Something I have always wanted to do

my entire life. Funny thing is; growing up I hated reading, writing, anything that involved me having to think of me filling up the lines, or finishing that very last page and retaining the information. Growing up through rough times made me realize I've came so far; I can

impact so many people in life who don't have the strength or fear to share their story.

In every self help; self love book I've came across... I always hear the message,

You must be happy within yourself to be happy with everything.

This book is about finding light at the end of that extremely dark tunnel.

The inner soul inside me; through the pain, lost moments, highs, lows, happiness, relationships, finding love, heart breaks, soul searching

to now inspiring you to take a second to breathe... Let's appreciate life together.

9 years of being an only child, rough teenage years, having huge dreams,

being the open lesbian, and crawling in and out of the dark hole called life.

Inspiring humans is what my goal is at the end of the day. You never know what someone is going through. Love like tomorrow isn't promised, because one day that person might impact you.

As human as you are is as human as I am. I may appear superhuman, but I am just like you.

I cry, I have feelings, and I've struggled with severe depression that half of the people in my life never knew about, not even my own parents. I walk around with the biggest laugh, and as people say the most contagious smile. I work around beautiful individuals everyday, I am in an industry where I am expected to uplift people and bring out their inner beauty by enhancing their outer beauty. I constantly have to pretend or disguise that I am okay.

I have connected with so many people that sit in chair, and have shared some personal things about me because I have grew these friendships with my clients. It was one morning, I came to do hair on my day off, acted like nothing was wrong with me like every other day.

I seen as I was shampooing my clients hair that she was reading a book by Oprah. I was curious because I was seeking self help books during that very moment. We spoke about books, experiences, and how I wanted to write a book to impact & inspire people who struggle with what I have struggled as a child to now an adult. Yes, it still affects me because I never tried to heal from it till now.

She shared a story that gave me chills & goosebumps and that is when I really decided to talk about and share my story, the raw image of who I really am, what I suffered from, how I got through it, my success in my career, and how I have really changed my perspective in how I view things in life...

Books are not written over night... I also have a complicated crazy life that is non stop. Many of you might know about my severe issue with insomnia, thats when I write at times or have visions of things I want in life. So be patient with me, as my book is coming to life... I started it in May this year and writing from the age of 7. This is when I first was able to feel and experience hurt, pain, and disconnection. The end will be who I am today 28, in 2018.

while I give you full raw details in my book; I will share sprinkles of blogs writing about the current emotional feelings while writing, and what I am going through in the moment.

There are many people that have made a big impact in my life. Whether it was a life lesson, a stepping stone, an ear to hear me out and cry, a moment to go out party and forget about life, or just simply my genuine friend who has my back no matter what.

Inez- you helped me discover the human I am today.

Jamie- You are my rock, My best friend, the beat to my heart when I have nothing left.

Sally- Your unconditional friendship; I'm forever grateful for everything you done for me.

Brittany- Without you as my right hand girl I wouldn't be where I am today in my career; you are the mirror of who I am as an artist, & one of my closest friends.

Lauren- your raw blunt friendship; no one has seen right through me like you do.

Brianna- my bestest lesbian virgo twin, you understand me in ways no one ever will & accept my craziness.

Sofia- My Miracle friend; the universe brought you in my life to strengthen me.

Sam- Only we will understand our friendship, you came into my life at the perfect time.

My Current Past- My biggest life lesson, the experience I learned from, what changed me entirely & to always love myself.

I can list more which will be in my book; but this year as been a wild ride; & they all have experienced a big part of me & have impact me all in many different ways. I'm excited for 2019; I am going to set many goals to uplift me, to create growth, further myself in my career, and most importantly love myself unconditionally.

remember- happy everything xo

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