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Skin Care

So, lets talk Skin Care.

How many of you over the years have seen a skin care product heard hype about it, hop on it, and then don't even stick to it? This was definitely me plenty of times. The beauty industry I swear wipes out bank accounts. Real talk. So you all know I do hair; but you all might not know that my first love was makeup. Yes, I love makeup. My passion behind it came from FACE OFF on FX.

So when I first got into working at a hair salon, I knew not a thing about skin care. Yes, I knew everything about how to make a face pretty... but the skin prep behind it was something I never really dug deep into. Eminence Organic Skin Care line was the line we carried, I was semi interested, but not really. Until, the day I experienced my first facial. We all had to get facials to be able to share our experiences with our clients to build our estheticians clientele as well. Chastity, now one of my good friends, is the one that introduced me to Eminence this product I swear has been seriously a G A M E C H A N G E R! She now owns

FACE Skin + Beauty in Glendale, CA. If you have not had a facial before, this is something you need to jump on. It's all about self care; You need to start now while you can, skin care is so important yo.

Eminence Organics is organic, natural, vegan skincare line with active ingredients that can deliver the same impact as most chemical peels and treatments without the down time. All products are potent and cold pressed and no water is added to the products. They have products that have active alternatives to retinol and hydroquinone that deliver the same results without the side effects. 

Now 7 years of religiously using it, I defiantly have my favorites. When I first started getting facials I struggled with previous scarring, at times acne when I was really stressed, and a lot of fine lines from my facial expressions. Chastity always customizes my facials; Sometimes when I am dehydrated and have dry skin due to weather is when products start to change up.

Every facial is different when I go in to see Chastity. She customizes all of them, even if the treatment is general, the way she does it and products she uses is formatted to my skin.

These are the facials that get rotated:

Organic peels 

Fire and Ice facial


Oxygen facial


Vitamin C facial 

PRP treatment also known as Micro needling or the "Vampire Facial"

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

• Micro-Needling/ PRP (platelet rich plasma) Treatment

• stimulates collagen and elastin production by triggering the skin to release growth factors and cytokines that result in younger looking skin • treats visible scarring and brown spots, reduces pore size, improves skin tone and texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and slows down the aging process • minimum down time • anesthesia: topical anesthetic cream numbs the skin, minor discomfort

Out of all the facial I've ever done, PRP treatment has been the most amazing thing I've every tried on my skin. Its not this crazy down time. Perfect for someone on the go like me. second and third day just felt like a mild sunburn as the skin is reproducing new collagen. You can still apply a small amount of tinted moisturizer + don't forget to apply sunscreen as the sun could really damage your skin at this time.

Arctic Berry Illuminating Peel + Hungarian Mud/Lime Stimulating Hot Treatment + Vit. C infusion sheet masque = That glow


Occlusion Therapy:Wrapping the skin with plastic wrap creates steam for the skin. Creating trapped heat and moisture allows the pores to open up more and further drive hydration into the skin. This excess hydration makes it easier for treatments to permeate the skin. Transitioning from summer to fall our skin can tend to shift and be more dry than usual! Come in today for Occlusion Therapy with one of our many treatments and get an early start on glowing skin.

In Spa products that Chastity uses are:


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