I’m B A C K!

I know it’s been a while, I don’t have any excuses… why I’ve been gone so long, but what matters is I’m Back! This past summer has been so eventful, I’m totally a few blogs behind, so I will catch you up with some blogs that you should be looking forward to. Being a travel bug still to be exact. July I was in the Bahamas, August I was in Seattle and Portland, and recently last month I was in New York for New York Fashion Week. Now can you understand why I’m behind? lol. My clients behind the chair needed some love, my Instagram has been going through a little tweaking, and been living in the gym!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Youtuber, Jackie— JaaackJack. Referrals are such an amazing thing! She was referred by my sweet client another Youtube/ Blogger JessikaMae. Jackie Direct Messaged me on Instagram last month while I was in New York and asked if we can collaborate— I was stoked! She is my first Youtuber I’ve worked with, and recently I’ve tried to create an image for myself in trying to collaborate with Youtubers and bloggers. I am gearing towards that image to brand myself.

I knew from the back and forth text messages Jackie’s hair was going to be a project. More so because I knew I had to get in done in a day. She had basically a full head of highlights between her natural. I did a full color correction getting her to a solid all over blonde. We got footage of the whole entire transformation, It’s so cool!

Be sure to follow and subscribe to Jaaackjack’s youtube channel when you finish watching me do some magic on her hair! Hope you love it!— Let us know what you think in the comments on her channel!

Thank you Jackie for driving all the way from San Diego and trusting me on making you Blonde!

XO- Tiffany

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Seasons are Changing so should your H A I R!