Miami FRONT ROW ft. Luxury Brand Partners

Don’t you hate when you are looking forward to something, and your week just becomes chaotic for no reason right before? That’s exactly how my life was right before leaving to Miami. Finally, Friday night after a long day of hair, catching a red eye flight... read more


Not everyone necessarily understands what Reset might mean,                                                                      We all have our own perception of it. After watching Howard Mclaren elaborate on what this industry is really about, or more so become. It... read more

New Years Growth

 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe a year has past? It’s so crazy how fast time flies when you are having fun being successful. New Years is always a great time to set goals, start fresh, and evolve to What’s NEXT? WHAT’S NEXT for Tiffany? Honestly, of... read more

Meet My Tattoo Artist Adrian Caro

There is never a moment I am not asked if I’m going to get another sleeve. New clients that sit in my chair, returning clients, family, friends anyone. I’ve been told plenty of times, “Are you scared of how it’s going to look when you get... read more

Blueish Grey Steel hair, NOT today.

Every hairstylists FEAR, not being able to say NO. I’ve learned from experience to always Under Promise, Over Deliver. Especially with these girls who sit in your chair showing you MARY CAKE‘s old hair color, or any type of Blueish, Lavender, Grey color. A... read more

Who Said You Can’t go Blonde in the Winter?!

Fall is coming to an end, and winter is slowly creeping in. Of course, girls in California don’t even know what winter feels like. We think its summer all year around, and always prepping for that beachy blonde hair. My clients always keep my chairs flowing with... read more

You’re gonna hate me… BUT, I F#%KD UP

Let me tell you… Mens cutting, fading, designs, anything in that form is NOT my forte! Of course, I get so many referrals from my friend Leslie due to her having a small undercut. Lauren Rosas, contacted me on Instagram wanting to collaborate after running into... read more

Titanium Blue; She’s Rather NBTWN

My friend, Fashion Blogger [theNBTWN], Leslie is literally my walking billboard. Last month, Leslie was tired of her hair and wanted a drastic change. Being in the fashion industry there is continuous trend changes, and always something new out there. She wanted to... read more

B l a c k Friday

What comes to your mind when you think of Black Friday? Crazy people, BEST deals around the holidays, late night strategizing about how you are going to accomplish that item into your hands right? That’s kinda how I feel about it. BLACK Friday is what launched my... read more