The title explains it all… Officially in SAN DIEGO!

I’ve randomly built this clientele San Diego based, not even trying to advertise it or anything. Little by little I kept getting random girls contacting me on Instagram trying to get their hair done by me. The fun part is… sometimes I wouldn’t even know they were from San Diego, and they would drive all the way down to LA to see me. That’s when it hit me, like this is legit. It made me feel so humble that people in different cities recognize my work.

It all started with my favorite beauty blogger JaaackJack, she was my first San Diego client, she would drive every 2 months to see me, we started off color correcting her hair, she has been a solid warm blonde, now ash blonde. We are actually changing her hair my next visit up to San Diego.. Stay tuned, it’s going to be fun!

You guys can follow her youtube channel JAAACKJACK 

For all you that don’t know I am now working out of Rinse Salon located in the North Park area. It’s a cute trendy salon surrounded by open windows with perfect lighting, we all know how important lighting is to a hairstylist. The fact that my clientele is still growing I am only traveling to San Diego every 8 weeks—2 months, since I specialize in color it’s perfect for a refresher. So booking with me can be tough, as I expand I will be out there more often. With that being said, after you are done reading this go to the contact section, and book your next appointment with me 😉

For all my LA girls, don’t worry— I’m not leaving you. I will continue  taking my Los Angeles based clients in Pasadena, at Union Salon South.