I’ve always been small, little ol cheerleader in high school, so saying I gained weight some people would laugh at me for saying it. Well, I’m sure everyone in life sometimes carries along a few pounds that turn into an increase in body fat. Few years back, fitness wasn’t “the thing” like it is now.

   I’ve had a gym membership for LA Fitness for 4 years now… going on 5. You would think I’d have a 6 Pack by now… but NOPE. May 2015, I got a personal trainer, I didn’t really take the first half of the year serious until I realized I couldn’t fit into my summer shorts again. Fast forward to today I’m down to 23% body fat weighing 116lbs. When I started I was around 123 lbs and 30% body fat. Even though I was only 7lbs heavier I dropped so much body fat that the weight that stood around the same at 120lbs forever was me building muscle. I hated the scale, I never wanted to look at it because the numbers didn’t move.

There was days that I finally realized I need to drop body fat in order to see definition. The hardest part about being fit is the diet. I promise you “Abs is made in the kitchen” is not only a phrase people say. Abs are definitely made in the kitchen. That’s always been my goal, I stalk fitness girls on Instagram and get inspiration. Over this past year, I’ve seen definition in my arms, shoulders, and my legs… those are some beasts for my little body. I always joke with my trainer, Fabian, please don’t make me buff. I don’t want to look like those girls that look masculine. I don’t even think I can look masculine if I tried, just with my body type.

Fast forward to today… I’m obsessed with muscle. I want to walk around not flexing and people see I have muscle. My strength and endurance has improved so much it’s kind of crazy. I went from working out 1-2 times a week 9:30 am maybe a 5 pm. I was lazy, believe it or not now I work out minimum 4 times a week all at 7 am! How do I do it? I think I just keep telling my self I want abs. I’ve set so many goals for myself in life, and I’ve been successful in accomplishing them, So I know I can do it.

What else may be hard for you?


I used to care about what people said, well maybe I never did. Everyone will think you are crazy, trust me you will be that healthy girl at a birthday party. The girl with all the tupperware at work from your meal preps, and the girl that no one invites out to drink anymore because they are over you saying no. IT’S OKAY. when you have abs, they’ll be your friends again. Just Kidding, I say this because each one of my friends have thought I’m crazy. Until I become inspiration and they all want to train with me. I talk to all my clients about workouts, cleaning eating, and the supplements I take. I honestly don’t bring it up, it gets brought up once they say, “Every time I see you, you keep getting smaller.” Real talk, I have not seen an improvement till recently; You are always the last one to see results, Every one sees it before you.

What Fitness does for me?

Stress Reliever, working out hurts of course nothing came from comfort zones. I have to say working out has made me the most focused, it has helped me unwind and prepare myself for my day. My favorite part is the end of the workout, to feel my adrenaline still going, and knowing I worked my ass off. 

What Supplements do I use? 

Cellucor Pre Workout. C4 Explosive Energy & Ripped


ON Gold Standard Whey Protein —Cookies & Creme





Along with my personal training I just started #POPPHYSIQUE the new artistic approach to exercise. A one hour ballet barre based class. If you are ready to sculpt your abs this is the class for you! stay tuned for next month I will be writing about what pop physique has done for me!


I wouldn’t be able to do this alone, big ups to my trainer Fabian Ramirez for pushing to things I didn’t even know I was capable of. He is opening his own gym 3volution 7itness located in the city of Rosemead beginning of next year Jan 2017


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