Don’t you hate when you are looking forward to something, and your week just becomes chaotic for no reason right before? That’s exactly how my life was right before leaving to Miami. Finally, Friday night after a long day of hair, catching a red eye flight out of LAX, connecting in Houston, to Miami.

Sounds exhausting already right? It totally was!  I got to sleep on the flight to Houston a little, got caught with an crying baby the whole flight so wasn’t much sleep, since I have a short attention span I can only sleep so much. I was seriously delirious at one point. Maybe, just so excited to get to Miami.

Connecting from Houston to Miami I sat next to this guy…totally chill, tattooed sleeve like me, wearing black. Was he a hairstylist? OF COURSE he was, attending Front Row as well. Meet Rocco Rivera originally from Miami, Now from Houston, Texas working out of J Dall Salon. [You will find an interview later, where I sat down with Rocco about his experience at Front Row] Flying to Miami we talked about different things in the industry and just fed off each others thoughts. Exchanged contact info, social media, and basically what every hairdresser is suppose to do N E T W O R K.







 F A S T F O R W A R D . . . Landing in M I A M I.  We couldn’t check into our house yet so we literally left our luggage with the hotel changed in the restroom, and headed to the Kick Off Pool Party at FontaineBleau in Miami Beach. [ if you are looking for an amazing luxury hotel, this is where to book] I was waiting for it to be scorching hot, and humid. Maybe because I absolutely LOVE the Caribbean it felt like perfect weather to me.    

During this trip, I wanted to do something different. Hair Blogging, has been my main focus right now, trying to find different ways to bring social media, networking, and educating all on one platform. I decided to interview a few stylists during the pool party to kick off the experience at FRONT ROW these stylists were all picked randomly, and coincidentally they are all from different cities around North America.

I wanted to bring networking stronger on my blog, hairdressers supporting hairdressers. I feel I learn a lot about different hairdressers within the beginning of the first few sentences in a conversation. My goal is to be the next Influencer.


Taylor Foreman @taylorrae_hair
Vito Pini Salon. Lakewood, Colorado

What brought you to miami front row?

My salon carries Oribe so when they announced the show I couldn’t wait to get my ticket. I was very excited about all of the amazing education I knew I would attain attending such a large event. Also to be able to connect with so many like minded people to discuss our passion for hair was very inspiring.

How do you feel about social media for your business what is your strongest platform?

I think social media is a great platform for myself as a hairdresser. Being able to share my work with so many people instantly is changing the way we connect with new and/or existing clients. I’ve met many other stylists via instagram (I’m part of the #1000orbust movement) who have become friends and wonderful supporters of my work.

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the beauty industry since 2008. I’ve been at Vito Pini for 6 1/2 years and I am a senior stylist and the Education and color director.

what do you specialize in & why?

I would say I specialize in vivid colors and balayage. I love doing vivid colors because it allows the client to express their personality in a way they can’t with clothes. Hair is a permanent accessory that should reflect your inner beauty and confidence.

what advice would you give to aspiring hairstylists coming into the industry?

The beauty in industry is full of inspiring artists and so many career possibilities. My advice would be to always continue your education, try new things and remember even the great Vidal Sassoon started somewhere. Keep your ears closed to negative comments that you encounter because at the end of the day you’re doing what you love and that’s all that matters.

who do you think is going to hit the scene this year?

I think abstract and interpretive hair art are going to be big this year. Every week my friends Jenna and Neal of @hairalelluniverse chose a picture and then translate it into hair which you can watch via Periscope. This inspires me to step outside the proverbial box and express my hair art in new ways.

 love her hair?

was created with all wella color touch  8/81 ,10/81, 10/6 + emulsion 6vol on damp  pre-lightened level 10 hair

IMG_0479Alexa Toscano ♦ Arianna Lombardo @allllexaxelllla♦ @ariianna.rose
angz Hair & Color Lounge  Bellmore, NY

what brought you to miami for lbp front row?

We went to Miami because we are beginning stylists and wanted to learn and grow from the experience. We wanted to take back as much knowledge to our salon as we could.

how do you feel about social media for your business what is your strongest platform?

We are super big on social media. Every hairstyle, haircut, colors we always are taking pictures and sending them out to get more clientele. We mostly use Instagram but also post to Facebook.

how long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the business for 4 years.

what do you specialize in & why?

We do it all but I mostly specialize in balayages and ombres. We are known as the queen of balayage and ombre.

what advice would you give to aspiring hairdressers coming into the industry?

Advice I would give it to stay true to yourself and to always go with your first instinct. Many people will try to get you to second guess yourself. I would also recommend always learn THE trends. Never stop education.

who do you think is going to hit the scene this year?

This year I am seeing a lot of crimped, pastel and colorful hair styles. It’s becoming more and more popular. I can’t wait to see the hair evolution ahead!


Kyme Dang @ladydanghair ♦ Dana Osinga
Station salon. Encinitas, California

 what brought you to miami for lbp front row?

LBP Front Row was intriguing to me because of the strong identity of the products under their umbrella. Deeply rooted in the creative, I knew it would be a meeting of the minds & confirmation of where I feel the industry is going. This was the 1st event of this kind, they were throwing & 1st impressions are always best.

how do you feel about social media for your business what is your strongest platform?

Social media is a double edged sword. I think a business can be built faster, but we are also over saturated with images & information, so not deviating from your true expression really counts for a lot to make you stand out. I could be more knowledgeable on social media marketing, so I can’t say with confidence yet that I have a very strong platform, but I have other things up my sleeve.

how long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been in the hair industry for 18 wondrous years.

what do you specialize in & why?

I adore everything from cuts, color, special occasion, & extension work. I’m still as hungry for information on each skill as I was when I started, but I’m at a place in my career where service to my community & giving back is priority.

what advice would you give to aspiring hairdressers coming into the industry?

Best advice: Stay curious, Stay humble, & Authentic. Strong relationships far out way notoriety.

who do you think is going to hit the scene this year?

I think the movement of being really true to your creative vision, whether popular or not, disregarding fear or competition is going to determine who steps into the limelight & have staying power. It’s all about getting the expression that wants to come out, out & being able to applaud one another while doing it. #collectiveindividialism

Monette Beaudouin @tbmhair
Townhouse Beauty Bar. Boston, MA.

what brought you to miami for lbp front row?

What brought me to Miami for LBP Front Row was to really learn and network with other talented hairstylists.

how do you feel about social media for your business what is your strongest platform?

I feel that social media is a huge and important part of how we conduct our business in this industry. It’s one of the best ways to promote yourself and your work for free lol

what do you specialize in & why?

I would like to say I specialize in one specific thing but that would be a lie lol. I have learned to be versatile in all aspects of hair because you never know who you will be in your chair!

what advice would you give to aspiring hairdressers coming into the industry?

Advice I would love to give aspiring hairdresser is to be patient, network with other hairstylist in the industry and to constantly keep up with education because you can never learn to much.

who do you think is going to hit the scene this year?

I really admire Guy Tang for his beautiful color creations not only is he super talented I love that he also shares how to create those awesome looks!


Rocco Rivera @roccorivera84
J Dall Salon. Houston,Texas

what brought you to miami for lbp front row?

When we heard about this event, we were extremely excited and had to be apart of it. At J Dall Salon in Houston, TX, I uphold a commitment to myself and employees, which is to experience top quality education, not just to craftsmanship but social media, personal growth, and networking. I felt Frontrow was perfect for the kind of development we strive to attain, and so we brought part of our team: Gabe, Monica, Nikki and Rocco: Honestly, after experiencing Frontrow, I wouldn’t mind closing down the shop for a week and bringing all of my staff to this phenomenal gathering. I mean our minds were completely blown away…

how do you feel about social media for your business what is your strongest platform?

At J Dall, we embrace social media- everything from Facebook to Instagram. We even have a presence on Yelp, where we encourage our customers to review our work. This allows us to gauge how well we are doing and continually improve and perfect the hairstyling experience. This past year we brought Patrick Mcivor to our salon for a 5-hour class on Social media. He gave us the do’s and don’ts for our social media and web presence. We gained knowledge on how to squeeze as much as you can from social media from using technology such as Kloud. Kloud is an app that tells you your global score on the web. This is just the way of the future. I mean Patrick said it best, when he said that hairstylists were the original social media-giving advice and reviews on everything from food to services, we have just now jumped into technology. Everyone has to jump on the wagon, because it is moving fast.

how long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been in the industry for about 7 years and change now

what do you specialize in & why?

I specialize in balayage and hair painting, as well as precision cutting. I studied at Vidal Sassoon in Miami and in Santa Monica. I’m a purist at heart. I believe in learning the true form of the art. I’m very passionate about balayage and I was lucky enough to learn it from people who had worked for Jose Eber and I fell in love with it. I was like “what’s that?” and I wanted to learn how to do it.  At the same time, there is this wild side to me! It can be ignited at any second and that’s why I do what I do— I mean versatility and suitability, with an edginess that is driven by a passion for my craft.

what advice would you give to aspiring hairdressers coming into the industry?

Well, be yourself and let loose. You also have to have a respect for this craft. Learn your basics! I mean Vidal said it best “If you can get to the root of who you are and make something happen from it, my sense is that you’re going to surprise yourself.” Simple right?

who do you think is going to hit the scene this year?

It’s pretty clear. I think anyone who is a social media celebrity. We are seeing it now with Guy Tang—nothing but pixies and etc… You know some older hairstylists say it’s easier to be a hairdresser now days, but is it really? Staying up until 5 in the morning everyday replying back to comments, adding friends, editing and uploading pictures, and educating yourself everyday on a 3×5 screen phone, and then having to show up ‪at 8 AM the next day to work? Not that easy, but totally worth it…


The Parlor Salon & Spa Tyler, Texas

Krista ♦@kristastylista

Olivia ♦@_ohhlivia_

Bekah ♦@bekah6802




IMG_3682 IMG_3685


This was the view of our backyard, isn’t this paradise? Waking up every morning to the sounds of moving water, don’t even have to put on pandora for it. It was beautiful, my salon & I stayed in a huge 13 bedroom house that was extremely spacious for each of us [total of 10] to spread out and have our own space. I have a thing for water, I love the beach and always say I was born on the beach in the Caribbean. Tropical weather, I don’t know what it is, definitely not the humid; who likes to be sticky? Year round tanning, what girl doesn’t love that? Miami had me on an island that weekend mesmerized. Drained by the sun during the pool party we really needed a cat nap for the rest of the night… 3 hours later we were on our way to the first night event of the weekend…

Story Night club —MiamiIMG_3698

If you’re looking for somewhere to party, luxury club environment I would say to visit Story Night Club located in Miami Beach every night is something different. Michael, our boss, was amazing and got us a table for the night. When traveling it’s so interesting how different other cities’ nightlife is. All we know is LA | Hollywood night life. When partying in Miami, 1:00am passed… 3:00 am passed, what the heck, what time is last call for ALCOHOL?! we were out the club at 5:00 AM. An East Coast thing! Being 3 hours behind is the only thing that saved me, there is no way I would ever last in LA till 5 am. Hairdressers are known to stay out and party, Especially on a Saturday that’s like our Friday! IMG_3711

 June @thisisnotjune

 Sundazzze : day 2

Luckily we got to sleep in before any classes or shows. 5 am, 3 hours ahead, JUST KILL ME! I’m not really a morning person I love my beauty sleep, haha. We all went to brunch, you know you’re in Miami when the first restaurant you land in is Cuban. Sazon Cuban Cuisine a hidden gem in North Miami Beach. We walked on sand at the beach for a little bit, and got ready for our next event of MainStage presented Oribe Backstage, Comedian Natasha Leggero, Vivienne Mackinder, Nicci Welsh and the Goldwell Master Color Team.IMG_3721Pechuga de Pollo a la plancha —Grilled Chicken Marinated In Garlic topped with Grilled Onions with a side of Maduros.


IMG_3726 IMG_3725IMG_0558


IMG_0517IMG_0514 IMG_0508 IMG_0509 IMG_3740 IMG_3831

Union salon

 Happy Birthday Richard grant

IMG_3776Somehow I got drug out to celebrate this crazy best friend of mine birthday. Yes, once again till 5 AM. It was his 30th Birthday and just us three has a BLAST. We went to some bar around Washington & 14th? I can’t even remember but what I do remember was that this bar had like 7 different rooms. It felt like a condensed club, like when you walk into different rooms in a club and its a different type of music. Same concept, just in a bar environment, it was chill 2 story and played all types of different music. One thing about Miami, for the ones that haven’t been you will get your bill at a bar and see a Service Charge at the bottom of your ticket. NO, you’re not drunk, it’s REAL you’ll walk out paying $25 for one drink, still till this day I don’t know what the hell a service charge is?! annnnd why is it so much?! oh well, drinking in Miami was a blast!

Mondayyy day 3:

At this point it was pretty chill, walked around South Beach, drank, ate dinner and headed over to the last main stage evening event featuring: Vaughn Acord, founder of V76 by Vaughn, Smith & Cult, and IGK. IMG_0570IMG_0584


The V76 by Vaughn collection focuses on the whole man, including hair, shave, face and body. I’m not even a men’s grooming kind of girl, not one man is in my clientele, literally. If you don’t a MAN BUN, I can’t help you, SORRY guys, haha. When I first tried to learn clipper cutting, scissor over comb, any type of men’s cutting it just felt too complicated, I wasn’t interested. Recently, all these girls been popping up in my chair talking about designs & undercuts… like REALLY? so, I just been faking it till I make it. I surprise myself… they been really dope.

Smith & Cult


The next evolution in beauty, Smith & Cult is an expression of our unrefined thoughts and feelings. 5 free lacquered formula expresses each persons individual personality with their flawless smooth coverage colors and brilliant shine. Just think of Glitz and GLITTER— thats Smith & CultFullSizeRender copy


“Welcome to the world of IGK.

We don’t follow trends. We create them. We’re a team of four innovative stylists from various parts of the globe and vastly different backgrounds unified in a single vision: to create products designed to fit the lives and needs of the client and hairstylist. By focusing on the needs of our clients, we block out the noise and deliver exactly what their look demands — easy solutions, the most current looks and cuts with multiple styling options.”

IGK— NYC + LA + MIA they work where you are, this was the first time I’ve actually seen them as platform artists doing different things on stage. From cutting, balayage, to styling. Traveling from state to state you need an appointment on the east coast you got it, come to west coast be banging over here too. I’ve always had this goal where I wanted to be     Bi-coastal, and when I heard about IGK I was like, UHM if these guys can do it, so can I. They are group of guys just doing a little bit of everything follow them on Instagram, and get Inspired.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.05.32 PM

  Leo Izquierdo @leoizquiero

 Franck Izquierdo @franckhair

 Chase Kusero @chasehair

 Aaron Grenia @aarongreniahair

Tuesday—Day fouuur

Rose McGowanIMG_0593



“apart of the reason why, i shaved my hair is i wanted my outsides to match my insides”IMG_0595


IMG_0555IMG_3821 copy



R+CO_LOGO (2)_orig_largeMen_orig_large

3 genius + 1 product line = today’s diverse fabric of hairdressing; 3 of the most accomplished hairdressers in the world. The first time I heard of       R + Co I was like, what is that? then I seen the packaging and was like….. I NEED THAT. Every product in the line is made for a purpose, and very light weight for everyday use for my clients, 75% of my clientele is using   R + CO, especially in California everyone is all of a sudden organic gluten free vegan free everything free, lol. They just keep coming out with amazing products & education. For those who have not used R+ CO you can pull up R+CO Education in your app store for all you iPhone users. It really focuses on product knowledge, tips, and videos on how the products are used. To piggy back on Education don’t forget to go to my previous blog post on #RESETDOCUMENTARY, a blog on Howard McLaren featuring luxury brand partners sharing some good knowledge about the industry today.

I KNOW, when am I going to stop? the moment awaits… and it is now. You all now know a little recap of my trip to LBP FRONT ROW for those who didn’t get to attend, all I would have to say is NEVER pass up education. It will reinspire you, and help you look at the industry different. Like I said, earlier in the post Social Media + Networking  are the biggest keys in todays generation, and of course industry. Without these two, I’m sure not many hairdressers would survive, we all grow and learn from another.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the stylists who let me feature them! Special THANK YOU to Luxury Brand Partners for such an amazing event!

Let’s Remember To Network + Create!

—xo, Tiffany