As I look at my schedule, I always go ahead weeks to see if I have any new clients booked from either online or just in general that I haven’t seen before. These days I can’t just let new color clients sit on my books without calling or texting them, so I contact each and every new one. It not only saves me from surprises, it saves me time and they appreciate me giving them a personal text or call. The reason I do this is a few things:

  1. Pre Consultation– Consulting with someone’s hair color is key- as a stylist you need to know the history behind the hair.
  2. Hair History– without history of color, you can not determine the end results.
  3. Timing– it can definitely screw up your entire schedule. Without pre consulting, history, timing would not be efficient. By calling clients this gives me time to adjust all my timing based on what they color service really needs.
  4. Results & Pricing: I want every client to be able to get all their color done in one day if it is realistic. This helps me determine if I need to do extra services in order to achieve a certain look. It also helps me decide if I can even do the service at all the day they originally book. Pricing you can’t forget to include what the end result is going to cost. If it isn’t in their budget it saves the client time to not have to come to the appointment and want to leave or feel obligated to pay what you are quoting them.

Questions I ask:

  • Is your hair Natural (Virgin) or artificially colored?
  • Are you changing your base color?
  • Is it Balayage/ or Ombre?
  • Send me a Current Picture of your hair. (Outside Natural Sunlight)
  • Send me pictures of inspiration of hair you would like to achieve.

As simple as this may sound, they definitely make a big difference prior to every hair appointment. I’ll see balayage on my books and majority of the time its “Grey/Silver” or a fun color. Those services are minimum 5 hours. I don’t think all clients realize how much work, time, and investment it is in coloring your hair. I mean, if you want hair left over… it is not going to happen over night.

Meet Victoria DeLeon,


She Originally is my co worker Sally’s client, she was suddenly on my books. I always confirm with my co workers incase it was an accident.. I’m not that stylist, I don’t steal clients just to make money. Sally has mentioned Victoria had recently got a haircut, she was going to Tokyo for vacation and was interested in going lavender/lilac color — Harajuku style. It then made sense, Sally doesn’t do those type of coloring services, BUT she let me know she colored her hair the previous appointment dark brown, nearly black with a permanent formula. Everyone knows fun colors you have to lighten nearly white, no type of yellow or orange tones. With that being said, I called Victoria to have my pre consultations. 1, because I didn’t want to waste her time coming in, and to give her the break down of what this project was going to consist of. I’m completely honest with all my clients, I’m not here to take their money and run with it. Speaking to Victoria, I didn’t have to get the back history of her hair because I had already got all the information I needed from Sally. I explained the process to Victoria that it was going to be a color correction, and that it would not be done in one day. What is a color correction? Weather you realize it or not a lot of my colors are color corrections. I’m forever changing clients hair in my chair. With fun colored corrections it’s a big lightening process within the hair. Victoria was the coolest client I’ve every spoke to. She was very understanding on what needed to be done to achieve her color, which is why I decided to write a blog about her process and experience. Victoria and I, agreed on 3 Separate services for her hair. She needed it to be done by the end of the month right before she left for Tokyo, Japan. Victoria works from home, so she was totally cool with the in-between crazy color looks. You never run into clients like this! So here is the process details of her hair!

  1. Day 1: Color Remove all Artificial Pigment ( Using Pravana Color Extractor) this was done up to 3 times— Based on Manufactures instructions. (only on her Midshaft to ends) Previously before Sally colored Victoria’s hair dark, she had a balayage. Under all that darkness was light. Leaving her hair at a Warm Level 7

  2. Day 2: Did Back to Back Slices on midshaft to ends in foils using 1:1 Ratio Lightners Blondor Multi Blonde & Blondor Extra Cool starting from the nape using 1:3 Ratio Wella 10 vol  1:3 Color Touch Emulsion 13 Vol and 1:2 Color Touch Emulsion 13 Vol on the Very top the reason why I changed the ratio in developers is because I want the lightener to work slow during the process. Foiling an entire head back to back can take some time, and we want to keep all the hair intact. I lifted her hair to level 8 on the mid shaft and level 9 on her ends. Left the color Raw, no toner added.


  3. Day 3: Last Day, the moment we both been waiting for… lightened her ends with 1:3 ratio using Blondor Multi Blonde & Extra Cool Blondor (1:1) + Color Touch Emulsion 6Vol then applied the same formula on the midshaft section that was a level 8 changing the ratio to 1:1. After lightening process was done, I toned her hair with Wella Color Touch 9/16 & 10/6 1:1 making sure everything on her hair was neutralized to a cool color before applying the direct dye color she wanted. When toning process was completed, I used Wella Color Post Service on her hair, towel dried it, no conditioner, and blow-dried it completely.Finally the end result color applied was a combination of Joico Vero K pak Color Intensity: Soft Pink, Pink, Light Purple, Orchid all mixed together until we got the exact color that Victoria wanted. This color was processed for 20 minutes, and after 3 long days almost 20 hours total worth of service, Victoria left with fun Harajuku hair for Tokyo.

IMG_9663Day 1

FullSizeRender-4Day 2


Day 3



I just want to thank Victoria for being the most patient client ever. For trusting me to keep her hair totally healthy, dealing with the crazy color changes, and most of all letting me transform her hair from deep dark brunette to fun purple hair! Till this day Victoria is still rocking her purple hair, she roamed the streets of Toyko with this dope creation. This is the first time I’ve had a client give me fully control of the situation, was okay with every process, and ticket at the end of each service. If you are going to do this, think about it, really know you want it. At the end of the entire journey it’s not cheap, every session is a ticket and it adds up at the end. Trust your stylist! I promise they will get you there as long as you invest in them.


xo- life is too short to have boring hair… so come sit in my chair 😉