L A to CHI T O W N

I love traveling, majority of my traveling is either with my family or work related. This time around it is only work related for 2 events, but mainly leisure. To spend it with my closest friends it couldn’t be any better! We decided to attend Behind the Chair Tour and Stylist Choice Awards this year, and of course just another reason to fly across the country. It was my first time being in Chicago, and actually being able to be a little tourist. The only thing I wasn’t ready for was the WEATHER!!!FullSizeRender-5 copy

LAX Airport—My Bestest Friends Chantel + Richard follow them on Instagram!

@chantelmakemepretty @RichardnormangrantFullSizeRender-4 copy

Rocking my SUSPEND MAG long sleeve + ADIDAS x TUBULAR sneakers

S U P E R F R E E Z I N G — ICE COLD. . .

This girl is a total California girl, so spoiled with sunny days that we are such a baby when it comes to real weather. Weather out here was low 40’s and it felt like I had frost bite on my hands while I strolled around the city trying to snap pictures in every corner. Rainy days were extra cold with the wind hitting your face, splashing into puddles, and just the feeling being surrounded by artists, dope architecture, and just being in the Mid West freely was definitely surreal.FullSizeRender-2

[Michigan St. / E. Lake St. Downtown Chicago, The Loop]



Picking a hotel to stay in when you’re going out of town is kind of stressful, you think like where am I going to be? Is it going to be close to everything? Honestly, I just looked up Downtown, Chicago and picked one that had overall good ratings, and close to places to shop. Their customer service was great, I felt like every bellhop knew my name each time I went into the hotel. Revolving doors seem like a thing in Chicago, that was my favorite part of the hotel, lol getting stuck and almost ran over from the next person coming in, and I can’t forget to mention the bathroom mirrors— BEST selfiè shots! If you want to be close to shopping, bars, restaurants, Millennium park, Art Galleries, Museums, Lake Michigan, and more this is a great place to stay!



W. Monroe St./ S. Clark St [Downtown Chicago,The Loop]

Late Night Vibes

FullSizeRender-7 copyCindy’s Rooftop— located in Athletic Association Hotel

FullSizeRender-4 copy 2 The Giant Bean — Millennium Park


Boystown—night life is so fun, you see the most interesting people. You want to go out there later at night because you seriously have to hang, bars don’t close till 5 am sometimes. This town is compared to WEHO, which is West Hollywood in LA.  Bars to visit:

  • Roscoes
  • Sidetrack
  • Progress
  • Hydrate—open till 5 AM
  • Berlin— if you’re into DRAG ShowsFullSizeRender-4 copy 3

E A T S: Wild Berry Pancakes and Cafe

Let me tell you this place is TO DIE FOR. Voted Best Pancakes in Chicago. I Love Breakfast! I’m that girl that can eat it at any time of the day Brunch, late night breakfast… literally any time. Yelp is mainly the biggest local review marketing every one generally depends on. Of course, we wanted to go to the one that had the best reviews, and the reviews were spot on. I had Wildberry Orange Juice, The Butcher Block Skilletand their specialty pancakes Banana Cream Pie. This entire combination was so good I had food coma after. I don’t get to pig out on a daily because I live in the gym so this was my chance. If you ever are in Downtown Chicago, definitely wake up early and head over to Wild berry Pancakes and CafeFullSizeRender-6


FullSizeRender (7)

Left to right: Richard Tiana Chantel Tiffany


These Rain boots are so awesome! They let me splash around, and still have style. Sunday was the day to stroll the streets and hit a couple of spots. We visit a small city, Humboldt Park located on the West side of Chicago. Known as the Puerto Rican community, I researched a little, over hearing there were plenty of Puerto Rican food in Chicago. Being Puerto Rican on the west side of is so difficult to find good authentic food. We stopped by a small family owned restaurant called Cocina Boricua. It was seriously so good, I dragged my friends with me, I didn’t even care I just said you’re going to like it. Even better, you sit down on the menu It says ” Bring your own alcohol.” They even have a liquor next door to do so. If you are craving some Caribbean food, place to try.

FullSizeRender (9)



Not many people are a fan of public transportation. Lots of weirdos can be hopping on, for sure it can be dangerous in some cities. Just watch yo back, embrace the adventure and hop on a train. I’m so happy I got to experience train rides in Chicago, I know we have them here in LA, but never in my life do I hop on one. I guess I should more often. I think when you living your day to day life you don’t think of things like that. Just being out in another city getting on the Lines, looking at the window seeing the Chicago street vibes was so cool. Literally hopped on in Bucktown on our way back to Downtown, I got to see plenty of graffiti. That truly made me happy, brings me back to home; LA.




Behind the Chair held their Stylist Choice Awards a sold out show at the Chicago Theater. A room full of talented hairstylists, get together to announce the top products, and companies in the industry. This is a night of mingling, networking, and getting to vibe with different artists around the world. FullSizeRender (10)FullSizeRender (11)

Behind the Chair TOUR



This is the main reason we decided to go to Chicago. An all day class of just education with these amazing artists:

  • Chris McMillan- Celebrity Styling

  • Sally Hershberger-The Shag

  • George Papanikolas- Balayage & Ombré

  • Justin Anderson- Celebrity Color

  • Stephanie Brinkerhoff- Bridal Upstyling

  • Sarah Potempa- Waves & Braids

  • Mark Bustos- Men’s Grooming

  • Matty Conrad- Men’s Grooming

  • Efi Davies- Editorial Styling

  • Richard Mannah- Editorial Styling

  • Jenny Strebe- Editorial Styling

I felt like it was a good show over all, my favorite of them all was Chris Mcmillan the fact that he changed his life 360 being addicted to drugs and that scene, and now sober living. Sally Hershberger coming out with her new 24K product line. Even though I’m not into men’s grooming, Mark Bustos and Matty Conrad have a heart for giving back, Going into the city where there are many homeless. They take time out of their busy schedules to change peoples lives, and make them feel beautiful. It takes a strong soul to do something like this so rewarding, this industry needs more people like them.



Tiana got to travel with me for education for the first time! Its been about 8 Months that Tiana has now been assisting me behind the chair. She is my very first assistant, and it is so rare that stylists keep the same one for so long, sometimes stylists out of hair school are just not as hungry at times. Since the very first week Tiana worked with me she has busted up to 12-15 hr shifts sometimes, and doesn’t complain. She also out side of the hair world has another job, so she not only works crazy hours with me but wakes right back up the next day sometimes at 5am to her other job. The other thing I give her Kudos on is the girl is Vegan, I know many of you guys are thinking WHAT DOES SHE EAT? lol, EVERYTHING. She even has me ordering Vegan food sometimes it’s pretty cool. Besides the fact, she used to live in Chicago for also 2 years so it was pretty cool having her around to explore the city. My goal is to mold amazing hairstylists and she is the first on my list! Advice to every hairdresser out there that is soon going to need an assistant when they just cant handle their books when It get’s crazy. EDUCATE THEM, show them your secrets, techniques, formulas, give it to them ALL. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to make double your money, take double the clientele, or have 2 pair hands instead of one. They are not your slave, and just working for you. Assistants are the reflection of what you give them, So put your name out there molding one hairdresser at a time.

Tiana, you’re the BEST!

Chicago River


Every year Chicago celebrates St. Patrick’s day the weekend before, I swear they treat it as if it’s like new years. It’s an all day thing, thee day we flew in that early morning they had a big parade and put vegetable dye into the river to make it green. It was super busy everywhere and everyone on every corner was drunk wearing St. Patrick’s day shirts. Very cool day to fly in, every one is out, the night scene is busy, so if you every decide to go to Chicago during March go the week before to see the cool green Chicago River.


Willis Tower Sky DeckIMG_1419 (1)

The tower is a world-renowned building, a Chicago icon. The eighth-tallest building in the world, it remains the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, standing 1,450 feet and 110 stories tall. I got lucky to experience the Sky Deck, on floor 103, make sure you go on a clear day because if it is foggy it will be 0 visibility. We waited to visit all the touristy places we wanted to visit on the last day. BAD IDEA, I was so sad because first walking into the Sky Deck it was 0 visibility literally the entire box would be white with fog. So I wasn’t even going to be able to experience it, I went to go eat walked to some other few places and called back and bam visibility was back! This is for sure a place to go to you get to see a 360 View of the city,lakes, everything. It’s only $22 to go up they take a cool picture of you, and you can take whatever other pictures you want on your own phone. Seriously, I want to do this in every city I go to! If you live in LA or soon going to visit LA, June 25th is the opening for OUE Skyspace LA  located in the US Bank Tower. The tallest open-aired observation deck in California. Tickets are now on sale: https://www.skyspace-la.com/ticketsIMG_1421IMG_1438

Michael Jordan’s Steak House







If you know me, 23 is life.

The Giant Bean— Hairgod_zito & BESCENE IMG_1422

These two, Rickey Zito & Linh Phan are the biggest thing on social media right now. Literally I spotted out Linh from a mile away, his cool style is just eye catching. The hottest thing on instagram right now. I don’t even know how I started following them, but what I do know is these two men do some bad ass color! They inspire me not to let go of Vivids. At one point I was getting so many clients of just wanting fun colors, I liked it, but I didn’t want that to be my clientele. Especially when smokey grey color hit the scene, it wasn’t those blonde girls that wanted it— It was EVERY BRUNETTE! I’m sure every hairstylist has experienced it at least once. It also inspires me that these two didn’t even know eachother they met on instagram. THAT right there shows how strong social media really is, they are traveling the world doing what they love just busting out some good color and educating about it. If you ever get a chance follow them on instagram click on their handles above, or catch their last classes here: www.RenegadesOfColor.com

Tired of the same old scene? Be part of the Movement -@BESCENE

Get Behind the chair and push your limits -@HAIRGOD_ZITO




if you are looking for good pizza, here is to be! When you’re ordering you have to try the Malnati Chicago Classic it’s served on Buttercrust! SO GOOD!



IMG_1440Chicago is beautiful, and very different from LA, I would go back to visit and EAT. I snapped so many pictures, that I’m sure if I used them all my blog would be way longer than it already is.


Chicago O’Hare Airport

Never Give up on your dreams— Travel & Live life Free!