I’m SO behind. 3 months ago I was also SO behind.

Im back, I promise this new year I will stay as active as possible. So, I decided the first blog I would write about this year is my new adventures in running. If you know me, running wasn’t my thing. When I first started working out cardio was my worst nightmare, I always skipped it and never wanted to push myself those extra 30 mins at the ends. Till one day My friend introduced me to this running group called

BLACK LIST LA— @blacklistla 


Connecting ART + RUNNING at the same time all through out Los Angeles. My first run was right before Thanksgiving last year, and ever since my first run I’ve never missed a Monday night of running. I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone, something that was going to make a big difference in my fitness life. Every Monday night, a group of runners meet up at 10 PM somewhere in Los Angeles, Monthly Meet up, and we run 3.5-4 miles-stopping mid point at different artists pieces.

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Mar Vista Art- DJ NEFF @djn3ff

Tonight is the 11th run straight since I started running with black list- I’m a little under the weather, but that will not stop me from coming out tonight. Ever since running has been a part of my fitness routine I get so many people ask me what is it that you do? First off… I do hair. Fitness is just a hobby i’ve got into in and made it a thing on my instagram. I have a passion for making people beautiful and boosting up their self esteem. Every client that sits in my chair with out a doubt something along the line with fitness comes up in the conversation. Especially with my regular clients, who have seen me over the years, only they can see the true difference that I can’t even see.

A lot of people think I’m this crazy fitness junkie… I mean its true, I like to try new things. I definitely will not give up lifting, I like to be the only girl in the free weights section at the gym. Running isn’t for everyone, but some how I’ve recruited so many of my co workers/ friends to come run with me. You should try it too! DM me on insta, snap chat, text me, email me, whatever you want! Black List has pacers, no one gets left behind. So if its new to you and you have not quite built your endurance thats okay too. I just started remember that! Yes, I’m in shape but not cardio shape. I’m still trying to control my breathing patterns, and still sipping on water. My goal is to inspire others in so many different ways. I am not trying to make them do exactly what I do because every body is different. Showing others what work for me might work for them, If you ask each one of my friends that know me and my fitness journey— do not show interest in joining me unless you really are going to be committed. I will drag you out and do it with me. Believe it or not, majority of my running friends are all hairstylists so yes we stand all hours of the days and still commit to running.
So the one’s that kept it loyal and keeeep running with me, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for supporting my running life, and making a different in your own goals. & for my friends who gave up… you’ll be back, when you’re ready 🙂







Nike + Run Club App 

The motivational tool for running— just download it on your smart phone and start running with it. All the cool stickers and mile tracking on my pictures is all from this app. It helps you see where you are progressing, tracks your time, your pace, distance, and you can even connect whatever type of music you want to play.


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This pretty much sums up my monday nights! Oh, I almost forgot. How about my dope pictures? No I don’t have any of my friends take pictures of me they are all candid lol. As you are running Black List has their own photographers that also run with you and capture you in different areas of the run. If you are a few feet away from an on going flash… That’s them! Smile. You can find them after every run on www.blacklistla.cityMondays are not the only days Black list runs, they also have Wednesday nights and Saturday Mornings, you can keep up with them on instagram, or on their website under events. I hope to see you one night running beside me, past me, or behind me.


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JUST DO IT— @tiffanybernardlifts