Officially Back In San Diego…JUNE 10th

The title explains it all… Officially in SAN DIEGO! I’ve randomly built this clientele San Diego based, not even trying to advertise it or anything. Little by little I kept getting random girls contacting me on Instagram trying to get their hair done by... read more

Blacklist LA

I’m SO behind. 3 months ago I was also SO behind. Im back, I promise this new year I will stay as active as possible. So, I decided the first blog I would write about this year is my new adventures in running. If you know me, running wasn’t my thing. When... read more

That NEW NEW @tiffanybernardLIFTS

I’ve always been small, little ol cheerleader in high school, so saying I gained weight some people would laugh at me for saying it. Well, I’m sure everyone in life sometimes carries along a few pounds that turn into an increase in body fat. Few years... read more

Color Correction- Harajuku Style

As I look at my schedule, I always go ahead weeks to see if I have any new clients booked from either online or just in general that I haven’t seen before. These days I can’t just let new color clients sit on my books without calling or texting them, so I... read more

Jet Settin’ Puerto Rico

Travel . Be Open Minded . Dream Big One of my goals I made for myself this year was to travel the world. I didn’t quite plan my destinations, it was just a goal and everything kind of fell into place. This is my 4th destination this year; so far since January... read more

Chicago V i B E S . . .

L A to CHI T O W N I love traveling, majority of my traveling is either with my family or work related. This time around it is only work related for 2 events, but mainly leisure. To spend it with my closest friends it couldn’t be any better! We decided to... read more


I know I’m a litttle late, but late is better than NEVER. Been caught up behind the chair painting my life away, and just got back from being in cold weather in Chi Town. Last Month, I had the privilege to not only interview Diane in the previous blog post, but... read more